Monday, October 15, 2012

Year 5 - Transmogrification

With my trip through the past finally done, I'm finally back at the beginning of my blast from the past.  We start the ball rolling with none other then transmogrification!  Something I couldn't wait for.  Finally I could wear a entire set of green armor without the woes of it not affecting my stats or dps.  

So without further ado.

My world is complete =D

Year 4 - End of 2011

Finally, my last post of 2011.

The past has finally caught up with me as I finish off the year, trying to catch up to the end of Cataclysm and on to MoP.

Enjoyed some time in the new Orgimmar with my ghost wolf and several of my best friends and guild mates while we brought out all our devilsaurs and raptors out for kicks <3

Had some crazy fun in dungeons to pass the time with rabbit attacks, corehounds and motorcycles, oh my.

Had some fun doing old world quests.  Arr! 
The windrider ones were some of my favorites.  
Those babies <3

Some of my favorite shots in the new areas and enjoying the sights with my collection of pets.

And how can we end 2011 'cept with x-mas gifts and songs.  
2012, finally here I come!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Year 4 - Pet Stories of 2011

As I wind down my trip through the past it's back to more rare tames <3

First up is Jadefang.  A bit of a tricky catch because even if you find this rare, you have to be on a certain bomb quest to even reach his ledge.  After many many jumps and giant stone worms trying to eat me... I managed to blow myself up into his little cave.

Several hours of waiting and it all paid off rather painlessly.  A clean flawless tame was mine.  Managed to get another spawn within several hours of questing the area the next day and while closing my eyes, got his little twin as well <3  Eclipse was rather curious of the little squeaky rock spider.

Then it was off to hunt down Karoma.  I've always wanted a ghost wolf since the spirit wolves could be tamed way back in the day due to a glitch.  That took a lot longer and definitely was a rush tame before anyone else got to him.

And of course, had to have me a green chimaera.  Evalcharr is the only one in game, lucky for me, I spent a few hours in a empty zone stalking him with no issues :)

Then it was off to tame the new challenge... Kirix.  Another green pet I didn't really need but it taunted me, I swear it did.  I met several really awesome people who already had him and were happy to help keep a eye out for him.  Including a new druid pet <3 who sat with me while I camped this new beastie.

I seem to attract druids... must be my... animal magnetism -enter lame drum roll-  Anyways, saw lots of amusing bugs on quests.  More searching.  Helped others get other colorful spider rares.  More searching.  Found other rares I wasn't interested in....

Then finally, he was mine after a very painful, fear induced, poison inflected tame.

 And!  Got me another new shiny mount in the process.

 Next, a ending to 2011...

Year 4 - Cataclysm Trinkets of 2011

As I continue a trip through my past I'm almost back to the present. 
Due to a new hobby, where were we now. 

Ah yes, Cataclysm trinkets!  Simply because I really enjoy them <3 
Shame they don't last longer thou....

Here is a collection of my favorite ones, along with some old time goodies as well.

Now onto more hunter pets, really, I promise <3

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Year 4 - 2011 Mount Madness of 100+

After a fun and exhausting trip through my past I'm almost back to the present.  Of course, can't explore without becoming even more addicted by the world of mounts, specially when you're aiming for the achievement for 100.  

For those aiming for such a obsession, is a great place to start.

After already getting your 50 tooling around the old world and northend, you start out easy like finally getting around the AQ raid and stomping it flat with over-geared toons.  I still think it's a shame you can't use these gorgeous bugs outside of its walls.

Then you spend your next several weeks, months... years... grinding for the Raven Lord mount.  I never want to see Sethekk Halls
again, not even on a new toon.  Never. Again.

Have some fun digging and get the undead raptor mount, as well as help your guild mates in Argent Crusader with their own goals.

Get lucky at Brewfest and finally have the Kodo... hey, no eating the spirit beast!

Maybe, kinda buy a mount at blizz's shop -cough-

 Then reap the benefits of TB and collect your drake and watch the world burn... wait, what. 

Last but not least, collect your achievement reward of 100 mounts + 
Mount, pose and flaunt your years of work for all to see <3

Next stop, hunter pets galore!

Year 4 - Jollies of Cataclysm 2011

After a fun and exhausting trip through my
past I'm almost back to the present.  This expansion was filled with mixed expectations and the usual love/hate relationship that comes with it.  Sure it had its gripes and its painful dead-ends here and there but I for one enjoyed exploring the changed world after several years.  I'm a sucker for story-board clips, the plethora of new pets might have helped there too <3

Tried out a goblin, heh, giant hat :) and tempted some online friends to the world of Azeroth.  Nothing like freaking out a new player then death by seagull, gotta love feign death.  Then got the pleasure of joining in for a world boss raid.  

Here is just some of my favorite quests/screenshots.

Of course,
who can go through Cataclysum without trying out the new PVP section in TB.  Got the pleasure of testing it out with some of my best guild friends and my newly acquired collection of druid pets.


Next up, the addiction that is mounts 0_0