Thursday, September 13, 2012

Year 4 - Pet Stories of 2011

As I wind down my trip through the past it's back to more rare tames <3

First up is Jadefang.  A bit of a tricky catch because even if you find this rare, you have to be on a certain bomb quest to even reach his ledge.  After many many jumps and giant stone worms trying to eat me... I managed to blow myself up into his little cave.

Several hours of waiting and it all paid off rather painlessly.  A clean flawless tame was mine.  Managed to get another spawn within several hours of questing the area the next day and while closing my eyes, got his little twin as well <3  Eclipse was rather curious of the little squeaky rock spider.

Then it was off to hunt down Karoma.  I've always wanted a ghost wolf since the spirit wolves could be tamed way back in the day due to a glitch.  That took a lot longer and definitely was a rush tame before anyone else got to him.

And of course, had to have me a green chimaera.  Evalcharr is the only one in game, lucky for me, I spent a few hours in a empty zone stalking him with no issues :)

Then it was off to tame the new challenge... Kirix.  Another green pet I didn't really need but it taunted me, I swear it did.  I met several really awesome people who already had him and were happy to help keep a eye out for him.  Including a new druid pet <3 who sat with me while I camped this new beastie.

I seem to attract druids... must be my... animal magnetism -enter lame drum roll-  Anyways, saw lots of amusing bugs on quests.  More searching.  Helped others get other colorful spider rares.  More searching.  Found other rares I wasn't interested in....

Then finally, he was mine after a very painful, fear induced, poison inflected tame.

 And!  Got me another new shiny mount in the process.

 Next, a ending to 2011...

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  1. Congrats on all of your successful tames (and kills) :D